GhostView Plugins

Enviroment: Realbasic, Java, 4th Dimension, Web, C/C++
Current Release: 1.66
Product type: Library/Plugin
License: GNU
Download: Sources & Binary
Requirements: Ghostscript Lib ( > 6.01), Ghostscript Fonts & Lib
To build the plugins you need also: Metrowerks Codewarrior, Realbasic SDK, Apple MRJ SDK 2.2.



23 Jan 2003 Santino Cusimano released version 1.66:
RB Carbon OK. Thanks to Hiro Oi (change Header Type to None in RB Carbon target).
Small Realbasic project (G-Stiller) that emulates a "Distiller"missed in the previous version.
29 Mar 2002 Santino Cusimano released version 1.65:
Use only one instance of GS DLL in order to minimize a memory leak in GS DLL.
Small Realbasic project (G-Stiller) that emulates a "Distiller".
21 Feb 2002 Santino Cusimano released version 1.64:
Add support to send batch commands to GS Lib.
New RB Target Carbon (alpha)
21 Dec 2001 Santino Cusimano released version 1.63:
Fixed a bug in PDF to ASCII conversion
Three new method InitDebug, CloseDebug and PSDebug to Realbasic Plugin.
Added a small prototype in Realbasic that implements a Postscript Debugger
Added a Web Plugin! (alpha)
10 Nov 2001 Faustino Forcen compiled the code as a FileMaker Pro plugin.
09 Nov 2001 Santino Cusimano released these plugins.

This space is available to list users' projects, enhancement, demo, ect. If you send me a mail, I'll update this page including a short description and a link.


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