4D to MySql

Enviroment: 4th Dimension
Current Release: 1.00
CPU: Mac PPC(Classic or Carbon) Windows
Product type: Component+Plugin
License: Shareware with full source code US$40.00
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Download: Demo
Requirements: 4D 6.8 + InternetCommands




15 Nov 2003 Release 1.00.
Mac PPC (Classic & Carbon) and Windows (not jet full tested) version of the plugin. Small reference manual. Some bugs corrected. New demo (MySql Status, Database infos).
Licensed only with full source code.
30 Aug 2003 First Demo version.
At the moment this version is only for Mac PPC (Classic) because 4D doesn't have 64 bit integer to crypt the password so I wrote a small plugin to crypt the password. In the next release will be possible to use it on Mac/Win with login accesses without password.


MySql Page: