CD-Engine is a multipurpose search engine developed by CD-SOFT, to build full text and field oriented CD-ROM titles. With CD-Engine you can add a complex search & browse functionality to your products simply defining an user interface and linking your code with our object files.
You can implement text or field databases, define sections or fields to enable context searching, export lists of words to build help lists.
CD-Engine is based on a proprietary external file which structure is optimized for slow media like CD-ROM where it is necessary to limit disk seeks.
The engine is available for Macintosh, MS-Window 3.1 and MS-DOS operating system, and it allows to have a single common index file for all platforms.

Main features are:
Word search Search all occurrences of a word.
Stopword The engine doesn't index the common used words in order to decrease index size and to increment search speed.
Proximity Search all the occurrences of two or more words that have a distance less than a parameter. It is possible to search the words in the exact order as inserted.
Search Entry Search all the string as an entry (Literal).
Wildcard (*) Searches, also in proximity, all the words that start with the term.
Context filtering Defines a context to narrow the search (Fields or TAGS).
Range Search all the occurrences in a given interval (used in numeric or date fields)
Disequality Search all the words greater than or less than a given word.
Query methods It is possible to use query by example, RPN like (Reverse Pole notation) query and simple query
Boolean operator Allows search rules with boolean operator AND OR NAND (And Not) with group of parenthesis.

Note: I'm developing a new version in Java that will support Unicode Text (Very useful for international users).